Experience Manufacturing Excellence with Our Comprehensive Range of Composites and Additive Dispersions. We empower our customers to achieve unrivalled consistency and stability in their manufacturing processes while meeting the most stringent quality and regulatory requirements. From precision-engineered solutions to personalised support, we are your trusted partner on the path to manufacturing excellence. Discover the transformative power of our composites and additive dispersions today and unlock a new level of success.


a proprietary composite specially compounded to meet customers need.


an activator or crosslinker used in the vulcanizing process.


a beneficiated mineral in slurry form specially engineered for natural or synthetic latex products production.


a highly active antioxidant specially formulated for the latex or rubber products.


a titanium dioxide pigment products in dispersion form for natural or synthetic latex products.


a wide range of surfactant formulated to provide optimum wetting effect for the latex system.


a wide range of primary or secondary accelerator for vulcanization of natural and synthetic rubber.