At Accurativ, we believe in collaboration and working with industry-leading partners to deliver exceptional solutions. We are proud to introduce our trusted partners, who share our commitment to excellence and innovation.


BOOM integrates technology, manufacturer and trading, providing TiO2 for latex, rubber & other industries.

Castle Chemicals

a global leading supplier for innovative chemical products for latex market.


a global leader of isoprene rubber latex (“IR Latex”) and isoprene rubber (“IR”) for medical end markets and other high-value markets with strong growth drivers.

DOW Silicone

a global leading producer of Silicones, Silicone-Organice Hybrids and Silances

Dupont Liveo

Liveo™ performance materials impact a broad range of advanced healthcare applications in three key healthcare markets ̶ biopharmaceutical processing, pharmaceutical solutions and medical devices.

M&G Mixing Technologies

a reliable producer of anti-tacking and former release agent for the latex dipping products.


manufacture of PU laminating adhesives for highly demanding applications through innovation and service excellence.

Magris Talc

A global leading talc producer and mineral mining group.


Producing high quality of Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (USP Grade)

SI Group

a global leading producer of polymer stabilizers and additives.


a global leader in the specialty chemistry of coatings, processing and treatments.